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Should E-Commerce Wholesale Turn To Cryptocurrency?

No, it’s not the time yet. Sure, cryptocurrency seems like a fantasy money-making dream now, but e-commerce wholesale businesses are not prepared to handle its volatility. Simply put: you can lose money more times than you can win because it isn’t a stable market yet. Let’s take bitcoin, for example, the most common type of […]

B2B Wholesale – Can A Young Entrepreneur Manage It?

Let’s face it: the internet is the place where we all want to grow a business right now. It’s fast, with a fast worldwide connection and it delivers. That’s proven by online business today, but what happens to a young entrepreneur who makes it big at a click’s rate and his business flourishes in unexpected […]

How to prepare for selling to businesses

How to prepare for selling to businesses Whether you’re a “bricks and mortar” retailer, an ecommerce store, or another type of supplier, you’re probably already selling direct to consumers. If you want to sell to other businesses as a vendor, there are some things you’ll need to do differently. We’ll start by looking at what […]

So you want to start selling wholesale?

So you want to start selling wholesale? If you’re a merchant currently selling to end customers, you know how competitive the eCommerce industry can be. Technology has lowered the barrier to entry –  Solutions like Shopify let an entrepreneur setup an eCommerce store and start selling in less than a day. It’s a tough market […]