Seamless PDF Invoices

OrderCircle’s automatically generated PDFs come with seamless options and features. You can now send invoices to your customers and order when the order approval takes place.

The invoices clearly state the orders customers place, along with the prices.

Packing Slips for Shipments

Eliminate confusion by including a printed packing slip with each order.

Your customer will know exactly which items were included and if any items are arriving in a separate shipment.

Also, state the precise destination the orders need to go, with the person’s name, and shipping total.

Add and Change Prices

With OrderCircle, you can also change or edit the invoice with the prices of items in the inventory.

Whether you wish to add new items, or change the prices, just a simple edit can help to resolve this issue.


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Pick Lists for Your Warehouse

Make your warehouse manager’s life easier by providing a pick list for the day’s orders.

Pick lists show all the items that need to go out so you know what to grab from your shelves by looking at a single page.

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