3-Day Rolling Payouts

Receive payments directly to your bank account three days after submitting the payment.

OrderCircle takes a 3% fee on payments and forwards the rests to you. We don’t charge any hidden fees or minimum monthly fees.

Set Different Payment Terms for Each Customer

OrderCircle gives you the option to configure payment terms for customers individually. We understand that some wholesale customers need to pay 100% upfront, while others may get net 30-day terms.

You charge their card automatically when payment is due, or charge their card manually when you’re ready.

3-Record Manual Payments

For customers that pay by check or COD, you can record a manual payment for each order.

This helps you keep all your payment records in once place, so your accounting stays organized and up to date at all times.


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3rd Party Payment Processing Integrations

OrderCircle doesn’t lock you into restricted payment gateway; rather it offers one size that fits all! We let you choose from additional transaction options. We integrate with best-established payment processors, if you have an existing relationship you want to maintain.

We currently have Authorize.net, PayPal Payflow Pro, and QuickBooks Payments.

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