Make it easy for your wholesale customers to place their own orders online - no more phone orders, faxes, or emailed forms.

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Make it easy for wholesale customers to order from you.

Take orders online, instantly.

No more calling or faxing in orders, wholesale customers can place orders online instantly.

Manage customers, easily.

All your customers automatically receive PDF invoices for every order, and can view up-to-the-minute shipping and tracking information online.

Reordering, made simple.

Customers' credit cards are stored on file, quick 'Reorder these items' functionality and real-time inventory tracking make it simple to reengage your customers to reorder!

Plus Lots of Features Make Your Life Easy

Online Payments

Process credit card payments online for each order or record manual payments for customers that prefer to by check or bank wire.

Integrations you love

Automatically sync Shopify for products and inventory levels, QuickBooks for invoices, line items and payment status, and ShipStation for shipping costs and tracking.

Multi-Currency Support

Enables you to assign a specific currency to your store so you can do business in your own currency.

Analytics for Your Sales Team

OrderCircle makes your sales team smarter by showing them who is ordering, what they're ordering, and how often.

Commission Tracking

If you have sales reps, you can automatically track commissions due based on what each rep's accounts actually order.

Secure and Private

Our servers use bank-level encryption to keep your customers' details secure. Each customer only sees their own data.

Users and Customers love OrderCircle

My wholesale customers used to have to call or email with orders, and I would send them back an invoice I made in Excel. Now I just watch the orders roll in and take action on any that need special attention. OrderCircle saves me a ton of time.
Bill D'Alessandro
Bill sells to Joe →
I order from Bill's company twice a month, and I used to have to call each time. Now I place orders myself online, and OrderCircle remembers my usual order, shipping address, and payment terms. Then I get a tracking number automatically. It's awesome.
Joe Kanter
Owner, Essence Salon and Spa
← Joe orders from Bill

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