Manage Order Workflow

When orders are received their processing takes place in different stages, which could be difficult for some people manage because they lack a proper tool to help them.

Since orders can be in different stages depending on which stage of the workflow they are in, OrderCircle categorizes them into:

  • Pending- Send and edit sales quotes

  • Approved- Stock approved and payments received

  • Partially Shipped- The stock shipped and its delivery status

  • Fully Shipped- Received by customers

  • Paid- Mark the orders paid

Receive Real-time Notifications

When using OrderCircle, you have the choice to customize notifications for you and your customers so you can both get emails when an order:

  • Gets created or placed by customers

  • Is approved by the wholesaler

  • Gets shipped to the delivery location

  • Payment is recorded and confirmed

Multi-Channel Distribution

You can also manage process and capture wholesale and B2C orders across different sales channels from your call center, field reps to your online store.

Order Reporting

Export a detailed, customizable report of your orders so you can track the performance of your sales reps and see which items are being sold.

Order Tracking and Shipment

You can integrate the best shipping providers; calculate the delivery times and shipping rates and send track package notifications.


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Access Sales Reports in Real Time

Using OrderCircle gives wholesalers the chance to stay up-to-date with all their sales that take place every now and then.

You can get real-time sales data with the Ordercircle sales reports and view what item was the most sold one.

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