Track Customer Behavior

OrderCircle tells you which items each customer is purchasing and how much revenue you’re getting from each customer.

You’ll be able to predict when customers need to reorder and reach out to them proactively.

It shows the most purchased items by your customers and gives you the chance to attend to their needs by alerting you on the stock you have in store for customers.

Real-time notifications for your customers

Whenever the order status changes, you can use OrderCircle to notify your customers.

You no longer need to waste time answering other inquiries about when the order will ship and whether the payment will still need to take place.

Customer Bulk Upload

You can now save time by uploading customers and details about your stock in just a matter of few minutes.

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Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses

Save time by storing all your customer’s shipping and billing addresses under one account and access them at any time.

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