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Make your consumers, your brand promoters. OrderCircle’s multichannel communication and management features enable you to consistently outperform your customers’ expectations. The best platform to bring you closer to your customer with a solution that makes managing your wholesale orders easier than ever.

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Keep your customer relations and their orders on track, always!

Track Customer Behavior

Dive deep into your customers’ behavior in your store.

Take better business decisions for high success rates by knowing your customers better. OrderCircle’s customer insights provide details like revenue generated by each customer. Leverage the data to predict customer demand and be proactive in managing your inventory accordingly. Real-time inventory alerts help you keep up with orders and stock levels so your customers don’t miss out on the best experience.

Real-time Notifications For Customers

Allocating time to answer inquiries will be a thing of the past.

Through OrderCircle, you can instantly notify clients whenever an order status changes. Even better, these may be altered to meet your ordering procedure. Investing time in responding to order status inquiries will become outmoded because OrderCircle makes sure that all sides are informed at all times, which is what your wholesale customers will demand at a minimum in the present E-commerce environment.

Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses

Get all billing details in one place

Organize all the billing and shipping details of customers under one section and create faster and smoother workflows. You can access the details at any time and eliminate the hassle of tracking down billing information every time an order is placed. Customers also don’t have to go through the chore of filling in their billing details.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are the key to success.

From updating your online store according to customer behavior to creating excellent customer experiences, OrderCircle helps you leverage the ultimate customer satisfaction standard. Never let them down with a late delivery or a wrong order. Keep a track of their happiness and your success!

Reach Higher Success Rates

with Happy Customers!


Benefits of a Wholesale Customer Management System

Accurate Information

If customers like one thing, it is a guarantee. That’s the only way to build trust. OrderCircle’s accurate analytics and data give you insights that enable you to give 100% assurance to your customers. There are tons of details you can track about your customers. Keep your customer data management streamlined with our accurate tools.

Optimize Selling

A store that suffices customer demands, enjoys success. Improved customer data will help you tailor the product mix you sell to each consumer to meet their needs. Categorizing your products according to customer needs also creates a desirable customer experience with lesser search time for them.

Faster Issue Resolution

Customers don’t like waiting around for long periods to get their issues resolved. Avoid accumulating heaps of concerns raised by customers by addressing them in an organized way. Resolve their queries faster and build trust and customer loyalty much more easily.

Opportunity Tracking

OrderCircle ensures that you not only manage your orders well but also succeed in expanding your wholesale business. Track results by territory and manage your sales funnel. This will make it simple for you to develop and monitor opportunities. With new customer opportunities, leverage the best customer experiences to expand your success possibilities.


OrderCircle Integrates with leading apps to help you focus on what matters most for your business. Grow,
scale and manage your B2B processes with automation and best integrations.

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Bill D’Alessandro

My wholesale customers used to have to call or email with orders, and I would send them back an invoice I made in Excel. Now I just watch the orders roll in and take action on any that need special attention. OrderCircle saves me a ton of time.


Ricky H.
Food Production

We setout to develop our own wholesale ordering portal, but decided to first look at third party vendors. OrderCircle was proven to be the best value (features to price ratio) with responsive support, helpful onboarding, and nice out-of-the-box functionality.

“OrderCircle saves me
a ton of time.”



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