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Wholesale customers bring a lot to the table. However, several customers often need to be qualified to place wholesale orders. As a wholesaler, your eCommerce store should be able to filter out such requests and grab the best deals. A wholesale request form with OrderCircle’s wholesale software can make a difference in an initial vetting process.


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Optimize your wholesale orders with the right customers.

Customize Each Form

With OrderCircle, you can customize various fields of information you need from your potential customers. It is as simple as adding or removing the fields you need from a particular customer. The best way to edit the form is by adding fields of information you require from the customer, with fields like the kind of product they need to order, preferences, billing information, and more to get complete clarity.

Vett Every Application

You can manage who is allowed to sign in and make orders. You’ll want to be sure, as a wholesaler, that only trustworthy retailers will have access to your lowered wholesale prices. Assess whether a request for a wholesale order form is coming from someone you wish to do business with by doing so. If you grant the request, an account will be automatically created for them so they can place orders straight away. They won’t be able to access the site or make orders if you reject their request.

Hide Request Forms

Do you already have a sufficient number of online wholesale customers? You may also turn off request forms to prevent spam and unwanted queries. In addition, arrange requests by relevancy or clients who have a strong interest, and sort requests by preference.

Create a Customer Pool

Know which customers are ideal for wholesale orders. Create a pool of customers with whom you can align your interests. With request forms, you get the chance to create such relations, without going through long processes or facing difficulty in managing relations after starting business with a customer.

Forge Better Relations With
Wholesale Request Forms

Benefits of Wholesale Request Forms

Prevent Fraudulent Customers

By reviewing every application, know if a customer is a good business fit for you. Get a picture of a customer’s activities, products, and preferences beforehand and get into business accordingly. This saves you the right to approve or deny a customer and hence, keeping fraudulent customers at bay.

Streamlines Vetting Process

A customized information form gives you preliminary clarity at once, instead of doing deeper on-ground research about a customer. Personalization allows you to check information based on industry and customer requirements.

Optimize Wholesale Orders

Apart from accepting requests from wholesale customers, you can also optimize the orders you are getting. In the event that you have excessive orders, you can hide request forms. Sort your choices on preferences and choose the best deals at hand.

Gain Control Of Your Wholesale Business

Streamlining a business starts with having a good client roster. With OrderCircle’s wholesale request forms, you can take the first step towards it. In addition, you can avail of several other order management services to keep your business, inventory, and operations on track.


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Bill D’Alessandro

My wholesale customers used to have to call or email with orders, and I would send them back an invoice I made in Excel. Now I just watch the orders roll in and take action on any that need special attention. OrderCircle saves me a ton of time.


Ricky H.
Food Production

We setout to develop our own wholesale ordering portal, but decided to first look at third party vendors. OrderCircle was proven to be the best value (features to price ratio) with responsive support, helpful onboarding, and nice out-of-the-box functionality.

“OrderCircle saves me
a ton of time.”



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