Form Customization

Our tool gives you the benefit of customization. You can customize the form by simply adding different fields of information that you need from the potential customers who wish to become a part of your business or receive products from you.

You can sort the form based on the products they wish to order, their preference and more.

Approve or Deny Requests

You can also control who can log in and place orders. As a wholesaler, you will want to ensure that only legitimate retainers will have access to your discounted wholesale prices.

When a request comes in, you can evaluate the business to make sure they are someone you want to do business with you. If you approve the request, their account creates automatically and they can start placing orders right away.

If you decline their request, they will not be able to access and place orders.


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Ability to Hide the Request Form

Do you already have enough customers? On the other hand, do you wish to expand your services? If yes, through OrderCircle, you can also request forms, so you will not be subject to spam or unwanted inquiries.

You can also sort requests based on preference, with the ability to sort them based on relevance, or the customers that show a keen interest.

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