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Keeping a track of your team should be as easy as managing orders with us. It is easy to set up staff accounts with OrderCircle. It’s easier to manage your team when you can allocate sales representatives to customers and keep track of commissions.

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Oversee your team’s performance and enable them to assist your customers easily, without jumbling up on key information.

Place Customer Orders

Customers often need assistance, even when shopping online. For customers who don’t want to or cannot place an order on your eCommerce website, OrderCircle allows your staff to place orders for them. You can give your customers the choice to receive notifications and invoices for complete transparency.

Segregate Customer Accounts

Having separate accounts for each employee is always a good idea when clients access your wholesale site.You will be able to implement staff account restrictions this way and grant others access to your admin area without giving them access to private data. Separate staff accounts on OrderCircle will make it easier for you to keep track of any recent events and changes that occur in your store.

Create Unique Logins

Each member of the team has a particular role to play. Others should not shadow their hard work and efforts. It is ideal to create unique logins for each staff member so that the details pertaining to their customers, brands, and commissions stay limited to them. While we don’t charge an extra fee for creating unique logins, you will require a Gold Package or higher to access uncountable staff accounts.

Enable Permission Management

As the main admin, you can grant each of your sales representatives with particular permissions, such as the ability to add new customers, orders, and items. You may design OrderCircle in whatever way you like to let salespeople communicate with allocated customers, allowing them to concentrate solely on their assignment.

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Benefits Of Staff Accounts

Oversee Progress

With separate accounts for your sales team members, you can keep tabs on how each member is performing their assigned tasks. You can look at the progress they have made with customers, the kind of products they have forwarded and much more. This gives you a clear picture of the good performers and how to manage customers in the future.

Manage Commissions

Commissions can be made transparent and simple by taking a look at the staff accounts. You can track the products, customers, and sales. While you get a full picture of the salesperson’s performance, you can allocate commissions automatically, and give them their due share.

Give Credit Where It’s Due

Want to know who your star performers are? It’s easy. Staff accounts help you determine the best performers because all the details of sales get restricted to each account. You can use this information to give credit where it is due and create a stronger team spirit. It also makes sure your sales team stays motivated.

Clarity For Customers

Managing customers in a sales team is no less than an agency of its own. To keep roles clear and to avoid confusion, it is best to allot specific sales reps to customers. It also helps build a better customer relationship and enables them to put trust in your products.


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Bill D’Alessandro

My wholesale customers used to have to call or email with orders, and I would send them back an invoice I made in Excel. Now I just watch the orders roll in and take action on any that need special attention. OrderCircle saves me a ton of time.


Ricky H.
Food Production

We setout to develop our own wholesale ordering portal, but decided to first look at third party vendors. OrderCircle was proven to be the best value (features to price ratio) with responsive support, helpful onboarding, and nice out-of-the-box functionality.

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