Item Catalogs

OrderCircle makes the ordering process effective and easy..

YIt lets your customers see your product list, including any items exclusive to wholesale customers, place their orders, and track the status.

You can curate your lists to show certain items to certain customers, or even hide some items from special customers.

Customer Accounts

Our tool helps potential customers to apply for an account for the items they buy.

You can now create separate accounts for each wholesale customer through the tool. You must approve each customer, so you only do business with the retailers that you trust

The product prices remain hidden until your customers log into their account. Based on preferences of customers, the product offers will vary, hence they can access personalized product offers.

Self Service Order Tracking

Customers will have access to keep a track on their order status. Allow your customer to manage and track the orders they have been placing. Each customer will have the ability to:

  • Track shipments
  • Make payments
  • View invoices
  • View their order history.


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1 Click Reordering

For customers that order the same items, our tool makes it easier to recreate an order with just 1 click..

This will save you and your customer valuable time every week. After placing the orders, you can also edit it at anytime.

You can also remove or add products and manage the list according to the items you wish to purchase from wholesalers.

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