Item Catalog

Don’t mess around with paper; excel sheets and PDF line sheets anymore to manage your stock.

Upload your items to OrderCircle and let your customers browse your updated catalog online.

Through a well-centralized system, our tool connects you and your customers to keep a track on the system, their stock, and the orders.

Inventory Management

With OrderCircle you can keep track of your available inventory for every Stock Keeping Unit.

Inventory will be deducted in real time as orders are created.

If you use Shopify, we’ll keep your inventory in sync with your Shopify store.

Catalog Visibility Controls

If you have special items that are only available to certain customers, you can choose which items you want to show/hide for every single customer.

You can also create special lists like “Summer Specials” or “Best Selling Items”.

Stock Adjustments

You can also adjust (either increase or decrease the level of stock for single or multiple products at a go in one click.

Adjustments of the stock can help you to know the exact amount available in the stock after the new stock intakes, during stock inspections, etc

Bulk Upload

You do not need to spend your time creating every item individually.

You could also import your current line sheet and create all your items right in seconds.

You can import all your items from the Shopify store instantly.


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OrderCircle allows wholesalers and customers to trace products through their entire lifecycle.

You can define the inventory and assembly items as being tracked.

The tool will enforce the identification and capture all the related information on each transaction to provide the best traceability of the items.

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