Seamless Migration from
TradeGecko to OrderCircle

Upgrade Your Wholesale Operations

Discover a smooth transition from TradeGecko or QuickBooks
Commerce to OrderCircle. Optimize your wholesale
management with ease and grow your business.


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Benefits of Migrating from
QuickBooks eCommerce to OrderCircle

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline order processing, inventory management, and customer relationships in a centralized platform. Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors, saving valuable time.

Modern Features

Access advanced features tailored for wholesale businesses, including intuitive order and inventory management.

Robust Integrations

Integrate with Xero, Shopify, Shipstation, and more for comprehensive business solutions.


Scale your operations effortlessly with a platform designed to support your growth. Say goodbye to costly QuickBooks Commerce and embrace a more cost-effective solution.

How to Migrate

Sign Up for an OrderCircle Account

Register for an OrderCircle account to get started.

Export Data from TradeGecko or QuickBooks Commerce

In your current platform, go to the export section. Download the customer and product data templates provided.

Populate Templates and Upload

Fill in the templates with your TradeGecko or QuickBooksCommerce data. Return to your OrderCircle account and upload the completed templates.


Review any exceptions or issues that may arise during the data transfer. Contact our support team at or via the website’s chat for assistance.


Verify that your data has been successfully imported and that everything aligns as expected.

Switch to OrderCircle

Make the switch to OrderCircle today and elevate your wholesale management. Experience
seamless migration and unlock the full potential of your business.



What is the reason for migrating from QuickBooks Commerce?

QuickBooks Commerce was sunsetted, and businesses needed a reliable alternative. OrderCircle offers a robust solution.

How does OrderCircle compare to QuickBooks Commerce?

OrderCircle provides advanced wholesale-focused features and cost-effective pricing compared to QuickBooks Commerce.

Can I integrate OrderCircle with Xero or Shopify?

Absolutely! OrderCircle supports seamless integrations with Xero, Shopify, and many other platforms.

Is OrderCircle suitable for small and large businesses?

Yes, OrderCircle is scalable and caters to businesses of all sizes.

How long does the migration process take?

The migration process duration varies depending on your data complexity, but our support team is here to assist you throughout.

Will I lose any data during migration?

No, our migration process ensures data integrity and a smooth transition.

Is there a trial period to explore OrderCircle?

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial to experience the benefits of OrderCircle before making a commitment.