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All The Features Your Customers Expect
When Ordering Online

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Calling and faxing in orders will be a thing of the past for your wholesale customers. With OrderCircle they can log in themselves and place orders instantly.

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Your customers can leave a credit card on file, and OrderCircle will automatically charge it either upfront or when their order ships.

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Order Circle automatically generates PDF invoices for every order placed by your customers.

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Your customers have their personal online portal to track and find out the status of every order they have placed.

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A built-in “Reorder these items” feature allows your customers to easily restock the items they regularly order.

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Never sell anything you don’t have – track inventory and automatically inform buyers upfront if something has a longer lead time.

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Need Custom Wholesale Solution?

If your company has special requirement for your wholesale eCommerce portal let us know. We’ll work with you to build out custom features to meet your wholesale needs

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Manage Complex Vaping Products Inventories Easily

The vaping industry is rapidly booming and it is crucial to have a new software option that makes it easy to sell products, track inventory, and make it a breeze to edit and remove products in wholesale.

Yes, proper organization is vital to run a successful vape business. Now, you can categorize each product together for better sorting out and set up your e-juice according to potency, volume, and flavors in a short time. You can track every single item in the inventory automatically, and predict stock requirements, which will save you, stress, countless hours and reduce the risks of possible errors.


Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Vape Shop

Now, you can give your customers a modern e-commerce experience online. Tag your items based on product or manufacturer type, like vape accessories, vape kits and more.

This makes on-the-spot recommendations for customers based on their preferences and needs. Quickly customize price lists, add products, and invite more customers to place their orders online. Know that a personalized service will always attract more sales, keeping customers coming back for more.

Integrated E-commerce for Vape Shops

Order Circle supports popular solutions like Shopify, Shipstation, QuickBooks, and Xero. You can now track your customer’s favorite tank mods, juices, etc, and store them in a customer’s profile. The built-in CRM will allow you to analyze the leading trends about your products and customers for better marketing options.

Shipment Tracking of Vaping Products Online

Order Circle gives your vape business all the shipping options that it needs to boost customer loyalty, streamline store operations, and improve conversion. With special features built specifically for shipping wholesale orders, you can now access everything from shipping options, quotes and other services that integrate seamlessly with your online vape store.

At any time, you and your customers can track the order status. Use Order Circle to sync tracking numbers easily or input tracing numbers manually for customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The OrderCircle vaping order management platform is designed to make order management a hassle-free process for you and your entire team. Now you can manage your inventories, invoices, payments, shipments, and wholesale requests with integrated data analytics accessible only to those you permit.
Other order management platforms may carry similar features, but the OrderCircle vaping order management solution has been optimized to reflect the specific inventory turnover, invoicing, and logistics nature of the vaping industry. Hence, your team will find it easier to work with the in-built templates, benchmarks, and analytics with the vaping order management solution.
OrderCircle gives you enhanced control of the orders for your vaping business with: i. Timely order fulfillment. ii. Reduced reverse logistics risks caused by faulty orders. iii. Optimized fulfillment costs with comparable shipping and automated payment reminders. iv. Access to insights at the account, order, and transaction levels.
You can create specific accounts with access to limited data while maintaining control on the main account with central access to all the federated insights. No one else can access or edit your account details without your explicit permission.
OrderCircle is designed for flexibility. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero, and Shipstation. You can also integrate it with leading payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and
No. You will not need any coding experience to integrate the vaping order management solution. Our team will walk you through the entire process and provide you all the assistance necessary to seamlessly integrate the OrderCircle vaping order management system with your existing ERP.
No. We do not charge any installation or setup fee to integrate OrderCircle's vaping order management system with your existing setup.
For leading platforms like Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero, Shipstation, Stripe, PayPal, and, we can help you integrate OrderCircle within hours. For other platforms, you can get comprehensive assistance by contacting our team of experts.
OrderCircle is designed keeping in mind the inherent and latent needs of your vaping business. However, if you need any assistance with features and integrations, get in touch with our Support & Success team by calling 1-888-667-8630 or write to us at
Yes. OrderCircle gives you the freedom to offer custom prices to buyer groups or specific accounts. You can use logistics cost comparisons and real-time inventory status to further make a more informed pricing decision.
OrderCircle vaping order management solution is already used every day to manage thousands of orders by leading vaping brands, traders, and wholesalers across the globe. All your payment data will be secured end-to-end within the system and will only be fetched to simplify your payment processing.
Yes. OrderCircle seamlessly integrates with each of these payment gateways.
Yes. You can automatically generate PDF invoices, add a packing & shipment slip, and provide a picklist for your warehouse manager to streamline the order. You can also customize the invoices with new elements, edits, or changed prices.
You can access the zoomed-out perspective with the store analytics dashboard or drill down into your sales staff’s performance. You can also access customer intelligence and evaluate monthly vaping inventory turnover per customer.
We understand the critical nature of the vaping business and its importance to fulfill orders in time. Hence, we have designed OrderCircle for 99% uptime to ensure seamless order management round the clock.
Yes. OrderCircle sends you alerts on inventory that is about to expire in a few days or weeks, as per the perishable thresholds you have set for vaping. You can then easily promise realistic delivery schedules and manage reorders with your suppliers.
Yes. OrderCircle helps you maintain customer account data and gives you shipment costs comparisons. You can use these to offer targeted prices to specific customers based on their geographic locations, order size, or even established trade relationships.
Yes. OrderCircle gives you proactive alerts on inventory levels. You can use this and the custom pricing feature to provide bulk discounts or price surges to one customer or a group of customers.
OrderCircle is precisely optimized to help you streamline your vaping orders. You can compare shipping costs between alternatives before fulfilling the order, provide shipping details with the invoice, and track the order through every stage.
You can use customer order history, inventory turnover, and customer accounts data to gauge financial & operational fluctuations at the company, customer, sales staff, and transaction levels across a timeline.