Price Tiers and Price Lists

Assign special prices for each customer individually, or for groups of customers.

You can Set a retail price for each item, and then specify if a customer gets a percentage discount or a fixed discount.

You can override the price for each individual item as needed. Depending on the purchase, you can make changes accordingly.

Payment Terms

B2B customers can get different payment terms that aren’t available to consumers. Specify a customer gets net 30-day terms or if payment is due on the day of the order and anything in between.

Based on the type of customer, you can specify the most suitable payment option, whether through Pay Pal or others.

Default Payment Terms

Based on the number of transactions they make in days, you can set a default payment term to enable the details to fill in automatically when the customer makes the next transaction.

Login Enabling

It also allows determining whether the customer may login or not to your wholesale portal. Even if the login is disabled, you can still create the orders on their behalf.


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Store Credit

Through OrderCircle, you can also reward loyal customers with special store credit.

This store credit applies automatically to subsequent orders that customers plan to make.

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