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Can a B2B Management Platform Boost Global Business Visibility?

Undeniably, the e-commerce landscape is an evolving one. At a rapid pace, the retail landscape is also transforming. This makes it important for businesses to think out of the box and focus on smarter solutions that will help to boost their business performance and reach. Yes, for most start-ups, the challenge is to take their […]

Should E-Commerce Wholesale Turn To Cryptocurrency?

No, it’s not the time yet. Sure, cryptocurrency seems like a fantasy money-making dream now, but e-commerce wholesale businesses are not prepared to handle its volatility. Simply put: you can lose money more times than you can win because it isn’t a stable market yet. Let’s take bitcoin, for example, the most common type of […]

B2B Ecommerce – Playing In The Big Leagues

There comes a moment when a profitable company switches its B2C approach and transforms its e-shop into a B2B eCommerce platform. This decision has a ripple effect on the way the business is done, as the entire system needs to be adjusted. Businesses operate differently than single customers do: they have their own protocols, restrictions […]

B2B Wholesale – Can A Young Entrepreneur Manage It?

Let’s face it: the internet is the place where we all want to grow a business right now. It’s fast, with a fast worldwide connection and it delivers. That’s proven by online business today, but what happens to a young entrepreneur who makes it big at a click’s rate and his business flourishes in unexpected […]

How to prepare for selling to businesses

How to prepare for selling to businesses Whether you’re a “bricks and mortar” retailer, an ecommerce store, or another type of supplier, you’re probably already selling direct to consumers. If you want to sell to other businesses as a vendor, there are some things you’ll need to do differently. We’ll start by looking at what […]

So you want to start selling wholesale?

So you want to start selling wholesale? If you’re a merchant currently selling to end customers, you know how competitive the eCommerce industry can be. Technology has lowered the barrier to entry –  Solutions like Shopify let an entrepreneur setup an eCommerce store and start selling in less than a day. It’s a tough market […]