What’s New: A Modern Dashboard, Improvements in QuickBooks Integrations & More

Product Updates

What’s New: A Modern Dashboard, Improvements in QuickBooks Integrations & More


OrderCircle is back this month with more improvements and a host of exciting features in the product. All B2B e-commerce companies should get ready for better payment methods? heightened aesthetics and major improvements on internal order processing feature on leading staff accounts and reports. 


  1. Faster Payments with QuickBooks:
    The OrderCircle portal now allows you to sync your payments with QuickBooks with just a single click. So now you can not only track and manage your orders but also your payments with great ease! Here’s how you can OrderCircle payments with QuickBooks:
  2. Personalization with New Widget Dashboard:
    We understand how selling your product can be a very personal and branded experience. Hence, the new widget dashboard comes with options to customize it according to the needs of your brands. You can add the necessary features which make your selling experience seamless.
  3. Better Experience with Order Return Reports:
    You now have the option of Order Return. These contain crucial information including the order return of each customer. This can help you analyze which product to push where.


Other Interesting Updates:

  • New Reports for Smart Analysis
    The Customer Activity Reports are highly essential in terms of each customer’s last order and their latest update. Using this information you can ensure a better sales experience for them and stay one step ahead at all times.
    The Report for Total Outstanding Amount gives you a clear outline of the exact outstanding payment for each customer, helping track the expenses and payments better.
  • Improvements in Admin Access:
    With the Admin Portal, you can now use reports and view classified data about any brand. In order to ease out the accessibility and division of responsibility, you can change the staff admin from the Add Staff and Edit Staff screens.
  • Sign up to OrderCircle via Shopify:
    OrderCircle is now available on the Shopify app store. You can simply sign up from the Shopify application by following a few easy steps. Imagine the time saved, right?


Bugs Fixed for Swift Use:

  • The PayPal flow order issue has been resolved. You can go back to using PayPal as integration on OrderCircle.
  • Reports have been performance optimized for better results and accurate data.
  • All issues regarding Order Payment Failure have been resolved. Order payments can be made successfully without any interruptions.
  • Prices for addition in the reports no longer appear concatenated with currency signs. Clear reports help in better calculations and understanding.
  • In the shop, the UI of Add Payment pop-up that appears on the Order details screen has been improved so that buyers can easily add a payment mode and stick around for a longer time in the future,
  • Report names that were not appearing in the breadcrumbs while navigating to any report from the reports list have been fixed.
  • Multiple bugs on the Commission info screen and Classic Dashboard have been fixed.
  • Order tracking is back to normal and the invoiced status is visible again in the order list and Order details screen.
  • The Refund button no longer appears on the client’s interface if the refund has been successfully made, giving the client clear communication instead of misleading them.
  • There are UI updates on the Dashboard, Shopify Sign Up and Order Details Screen for a seamless experience.
  • You can now properly see the Partially Shipped status on the classic Dashboard, Quickbook sync order, and  Customer detail order screen. 
  • Multiple issues with the loader have been resolved. You no longer need to face the loader getting stuck after edits or alerts.
  • You can have a custom email in case the password is forgotten. You can simply access the custom email added to OrderCircle to prevent orders and sales from getting blocked.


Coming Up on OrderCircle:

  • You will soon be able to access a brand notification centre where you can find all the notifications related to the client compiled.
  • Integration with the Xero app will allow you to create better invoices and track payments in a faster way.


It is your regular feedback team that helps us resolve issues and fix bugs in the product. With your valuable suggestions, we are on the path to creating an ever-improving space. Your prompt opinions and keen eyes are highly appreciated. Thank you!