Mobile App for your eCommerce business: a mandatory inclusion in the post COVID world

Mobile App for eCommerce Business and OMS

The appalling time of the COVID-19 pandemic has restructured the way businesses operate throughout the world. The social distancing norms and other regulations have brought a significant change in consumer behavior. Reports say that this change in consumer behavior has accelerated the shift from physical stores to eCommerce websites by 5 years.

To remain future-proof, your eCommerce businesses should be ready with the best order management software. Further, this is a generation of smartphones. Hence, your order management software must include an integrated mobile application.

The mobile app brings convenience and effectiveness in managing your eCommerce business. Furthermore, it contributes prominently to increase sales and boosts the growth of your organization.


Why is there a need for a mobile app in your Order Management Software?

Business workflows are changing at a rapid pace. With the incoming of new and better technologies, work processes have become simplified and more streamlined. A mobile application for your order management software helps you manage the sales order cycles more efficiently.

The features of mobile applications may vary according to different business needs. But essentially, mobile order management software includes:

  1. Digital order taking and management
  2. Back-end system integration
  3. Valuable insights and analytics

These crucial aspects of the mobile order management software ultimately lead to a reduced order-to-cash cycle, increased productivity, and improved customer experience. OrderCircle OMS provides an easy to use and powerful mobile app which can help you take control of your eCommerce business on the go.


Benefits of a mobile app in your Order Management Software

Order management software is imperative for businesses that want to increase their efficiency and scalability. When you add in the useful perks of a mobile application in your order management system, the system efficiency gets amplified, and it offers better productivity.

Let us explore some of the benefits that you can reap using a functional mobile app order management software:

  • Ease of Use

A good mobile order management software application is extremely intuitive. The simplistic user interface lets you control numerous functions of your business with ease. You can simply pull out your smartphone to check every little detail of your day-to-day operations. You can also customize the app features according to your preferences, which makes the overall process easier for you.

  • Save Time

Order Management Software’s mobile apps are easy to use and provide a simple interface for which no or very little training is required. Moreover, its fast usability definitely saves a lot of user time that can be utilized on other critical tasks to grow your business. A mobile app conveniently helps you manage your eCommerce business on the go and at any hour of the day.

  • Faster Order Processing

Having a powerful mobile app allows you to accept orders on the go. The app conveniently splits orders by date, source of the order, and its destination. This helps achieve faster order processing. OrderCircle OMS provides an easy to use and powerful mobile app which can help you take control of your eCommerce business on the go.

  • Real-time inventory control 

With new sales orders chipping in round the clock, a mobile app order management system would help you keep a real-time track of the inventory levels. You can monitor your incoming, outgoing, on-hold, and rejected inventory in real-time. The mobile app also helps you raise purchase orders whenever the stock of a certain SKU is depleting. Further, you can keep track of your safety stock. This makes it easier for you to move stock across warehouses. The mobile app also becomes your tool for conducting quick stock audits and helps you recognize missing stock if any.

  • Reduced Operational Costs

Traditionally, sales orders were taken using paper forms and handwritten purchase orders. This data was then inserted into an ERP or accounting system. This took more workforce and time due to the insertion of redundant information. With new and efficient mobile applications, everything is online. This means that all your work is paperless with more accuracy and full mobility. It reduces the need for multiple resources and saves a good amount of money for the organization.

  • Order Accuracy

There always remains some human error when managing an extensive process manually. It is not uncommon for orders from the warehouse to be shipped to the wrong addresses or sending of an incorrect item. This hurts both your pocket and reputation with your customers. Hence, by leveraging the mobile order management software, you can gain better accuracy with zero errors.


Features that are a must for an Order Management Software mobile app

A great mobile application is always defined by its ease of use and the number of features it offers to its users. Here are a few critical features in an Order Management Software mobile app that can help improve the operational efficiency of your eCommerce business:

  •  Interactive User Interface: An interactive user interface is the most important aspect of an app. This ensures that all your team members and consumers can use the app with the utmost ease.
  •  Management of Inventory and Stocks:The mobile app provides projections to manage the warehouse stock and inventory levels. Also, it provides updated stock availability to ensure sufficient stocks are available for your business orders.
  •  Sales Order Management: The mobile app can directly take sales orders from smartphones. This allows you to manage orders on the go and ensures no delay in accepting any new orders.
  •  Real-Time Communications: The mobile order management software app updates both the parties with orders status and delivery time frame by sending periodic SMS and Emails.
  •  Client Contact Management: The app helps to access the existing customer data in real-time securely. Also, it helps to create new client contacts and edit existing client contacts on the go.
  •  Order Reports: Your mobile wholesale order management app can generate order reports based on the total, pending, and closed sales orders. It also includes a function to filter orders according to the employees, days, items, and customers.
  •  Order History: Order history is one of the most important aspects of an order management system. The app can show the history of orders placed by clients.
  •  Product Catalogue For Customers:The mobile app showcases the products visually with all necessary details such as item name, code, pricing, tax information, and availability on a real-time basis.


Want to get a mobile app for Order Management?

Mobile order management software is not just a luxury but the need for future eCommerce. The plethora of benefits it offers to its users assuredly is valuable both for the work process and the organization. So if your organization is still living on old software and order management methods, it’s time to upgrade to the new technology. OrderCircle OMS provides an easy to use and powerful mobile app which can help you take control of your eCommerce business on the go.

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