A Complete Guide to Shipping Vape Products Internationally

The demand for shipping vape cartridges worldwide is rising along with the popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes. In an effort to lead healthier lives and improve their well-being, a lot of individuals are switching more and more to vaping from traditional tobacco products like cigarettes. It’s critical that you can easily deliver tobacco-related products and accessories to your customers if you run an eCommerce business that sells them. 

Shipping internationally requires skill and assistance that you can gain with efficient tools like OrderCircle, which cater to end-to-end order management. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can ship various vape products worldwide, and within the boundaries of judicial regulations.


Before you decide to ship your products across borders, it is absolutely essential you understand the regulations of the countries you wish to operate in. Failure to do this can land your eCommerce store in serious regulation trouble. 

Shipping E-Cigarettes

Shipping e-cigarettes is always on the trickier end because of the lithium batteries. It is important to understand that local and international regulations to so. Additionally, batteries are often prohibited in air transportation. Hence, here are somethings to keep in mind while shipping e-cigarettes:

  • Lithium batteries are required to be shipped through the ocean freight line as they are explosive and cannot be sent through air travel.
  • Li-ion batteries are also constrained by shipping laws. The devices can have no more than two cells for single-cell batteries. For multi-cell batteries, no more than four cells are permitted.
  • Any nicotine-containing products must also adhere to the Tobacco Directive 2014/14/EU if your retailer or customer is located in the EU. Additionally, this should be in accordance with any additional local laws.

Shipping E-Liquids

Due to laws, this component might be particularly challenging when delivering internationally. Some nations won’t accept certain ingredients, and others won’t sell products with incorrect labels. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are regulated in places like Croatia as though they were tobacco products rather than electrical devices.

Other nations, like Belgium, have stringent domestic regulations on the import of nicotine-containing items, such as vape juice. France on the other hand limits the amount of nicotine that can be in vape juice. Some states in the US prohibit the use of certain tastes in e-liquids. Regulations based on the toxicity levels of the substances are also in effect in some countries, such as Canada. So make sure you are familiar with the regulations of the country to which you are shipping the goods.

A Basic Guide To Shipping Vape Cartridges

Since vape cartridges are prone to mishandling, packaging them with extra security becomes imperative. You can make note some the following tips to ship your vape cartridges in a way that avoids damage:

  • Placing in the original packaging: The original box is generally suited for te device and protects the cartridge from basic damage. It also contains the insurance and hence, must be included at all costs. 
  • Don’t forget to seal the box: Check for any minor changes or damages in addition to making sure the cartridges are in their original packaging. If you discover any, make the necessary repairs and then carefully seal the box. You might do this by padding the item with some bubble wrap.
  • Place it in a second box: Even if your products are still in their original packaging, you should ship them in a different box. This is to give the e-cigarettes more protection. These extra boxes might be of any kind, such as those from your local stationery shop or your preferred carrier. They must, however, be strong enough to withstand any falls or severe handling that may occur during long-distance shipping.
  • Internal cushioning is a must: Make sure the original vape box is adequately protected while getting ready the extra shipment box. To add additional cushioning, think about wrapping the original package in bubble wrap, delicate paper, or polystyrene boxes. This will ensure that the items don’t move around too much while being transported.
  • Seal, weigh and label your final package: You must carefully seal the entire package after making sure your original vape juice box is sturdy inside your shipping box. W eigh and measure your shipment after it is sealed. This will assist you in selecting a mailing provider that satisfies your shipping requirements and provides the greatest value and support. Make sure your address label is accurate and securely attached before you prepare to ship your product. This prevents your item’s chances of getting lost in transit.

Get Assistance With OrderCircle

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