Top 5 B2B E-Commerce Trends of 2022

The B2B market is growing at the fastest pace ever and the digital exposure and a stark shift to the online world have much to contribute. In our last blog on Wholesale Order Management, you read about how 80% of B2B sales interactions will take place digitally by 2025. If this projection is to be followed, B2B eCommerce is the new norm and you can succeed in it by following some trending practices.

Before that, let’s first understand B2B E-commerce.

What is B2B Ecommerce- A Quick Revision

To put it in the simplest terms, B2B eCommerce is a system of online transactions between businesses. While the traditional market has been a great place to connect and grow, the eCommerce industry is like a whole new playground for people to venture into. The robust environment provided by the internet has proven to be a great foundation for businesses to research their markets, target their audiences and reach out to people on a larger scale.

B2B Ecommerce Trends To Track In 2022

The recent trends vary from audiences to the digitization and everything in between. Let’s take a deeper dive into the trends for 2022:

Increased Investment In Technology
It is safe to say that, even in the B2B eCommerce world – technology is the future. The growing demands and the search for cheaper alternative solutions has driven organizations to seek refuge in technology. From automation to flexibility, it is the ideal way for organizations to keep scaling by fulfilling their orders efficiently and on time. With a 10% increase in the daily average sales pipeline rate for B2B marketers, automation is an imperative aspect that every B2B ecommerce organization needs to adopt with open arms. Platforms like OrderCircle are dedicated to double the productivity and maximising conversions through their technology for such organizations.

Shift Towards Mobile Commerce
What would you do if we told you that the number of smartphone users in 2022 is estimated to be approximately 6 billion? Being a B2B ecommerce platform, having a presence on the web is not enough. You need to ensure that your platform is easily accessible on mobile, with a growing number of companies using mobile applications to keep their buyers connected and updated. It has also been noted that orders are fast recurring with this adoption and allow people to make orders or connect with their buyers on the go.

Expand Into Online Marketplaces
Online marketplaces are currently growing to their full potential. Thus, this is the perfect time for a B2B ecommerce platform to scale beyond their city, state or even country. These online marketplaces create digital environments which are self-sufficient in nature, making it possible for vendors to connect with business clients. Platforms like Amazon and Alibaba, which were dominantly B2C in 2018 have incorporated the B2B ecommerce platform today, allowing a large scope for people to connect to the right audiences. 

An Omnichannel Presence
Convenience is the centre of all customer needs. They want their buyers to be as accessible as possible and that means: Enter Omnichannel Presence. Having an omnichannel presence means that B2B platforms have a multi-channel sales approach where they are accessible online, through a mobile, on a desktop or even in many cases through physical shops. Customers are always oscillating between self-service or being guided through the process and having a flexible system is thus, the need of the day. In fact, 89% B2B companies are succeeding in retaining their clientele with an omnipresent approach. So, it is definitely the best way forward in 2022.

Management of Digital Supply Chain
With technology, automation and eCommerce becoming active parts of the B2B industry, it is important to keep a sophisticated digital supply chain strategy in place. It is the same as supply management in physical stores but with an upgrade through digital proficiency. This trend is highly active today because the digital supply chain has its set of differences with the regular management system with which B2B channels are versed. For example, you would want to focus on creating a strong delivery and fulfilment system rather than focusing on other aspects as your clients expect faster deliveries. 

Become A B2B Ecommerce Gamechanger 

With the most important B2B ecommerce trends before you, all you need to do is start shaping your platform just the way people would want it. To get digital help in handling your B2B orders, clients and anything around it contact OrderCircle. Book a demo call today and take the first step towards becoming a leader in the B2B ecommerce market.