Latest Updates: Manage Orders With New Updates On The Backend, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

Our latest updates were focused on taking one step further in improving order management for your backend. From managing customer accounts to adding products to your eCommerce store and ensuring well-rounded operations, find out what’s in store for you. To check out the previous update, please click <here>.

1. Advanced Report Analysis:

Get your reports in a more organized way with the latest update. All the accounts will be arranged and filtered as test accounts and active accounts for better clarity. You will also be able to access import or export options.

2. Present Products Better:

  • In the ‘Add/Edit’ section for product images, you will be able to leverage images of better quality and size. They have been improved from five to ten.
  • We have ensured an upgrade in the UI (user interface) for the product view. Create a better perceived value for your products and sell them faster.

3. Access Simplified Log Viewing:

It’s time you could remove unnecessary logs so that customers can browse through a neater and more accurate list of products. This ensures you have an error-free and smart log-viewer with real-time updates for customers.

4. Consolidations In The Admin Portal:

As you can see your brand details, you will also be able to get an overview of the payment methods you subscribe to along with the integrations. Hence, get a comprehensive view of the admin portal itself rather than looking for details elsewhere.

 5. Better Access For Team Members:

We have removed the ‘Restrict Staff Access’ permission and usage entirely as it seemed like a bottleneck for teams wanting complete access.

6. Optimize Notifications:

While real-time notifications are one of the most important requirements for every business, our latest updates allow you to optimize them per your needs. You can delete them after 60 days and even add a limit alert.

 7. Other Improvements:

  • Subscriptions for customers not returning after the trial period have been canceled.
  • The Connect button on the QuickBooks card in the integration screen has been improved.

Bug Fixed For Swift Use:

        1. Promo Code Developments:

  • The issues in resetting the promo code in the user interface have been resolved. 
  • You can see the promo code discounts again in the edit screen of the orders.

    2. Permissions Updates:

  • The ‘Staff Can See All Products’ is back as the default selection in the project management tab on the permissions screen. It will also remain the default while creating a new role.
  • Texts and information have been updated on the permissions screen under the project management tab.
  • The default value for the ‘Show customer preview shop’ in the customer management tab has been set to ‘yes’.
  • The selections which were not saving in the project management tab have been fixed. 
  • Errors in the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ have been fixed for the ‘Add New Role’ screen in the customer management tab.

    3.Order-Related Fixes:

  • The custom field amount was not calculating the order’s total until you turn on the settings and then create the order has been addressed. 
  • In cases of manual payment options where a six-digit amount was showing as an error has been resolved. A similar exception which was showing on Stripe has also been fixed.
  • The exception error alert when users rejected an order has been fixed.
  • Errors pertaining to the custom field not showing in the order total when users created orders from staff accounts (and the staff is an admin) have been removed.
  • The exception alert when the user deletes the manual order payment and then clicks on the Sync QB payment button was also reset.
  • The purchase order list can be sorted in alphabetical order.

    4. Improvements For Shop:

  • The error alert when the user enters a 7-digit amount in the add payment pop-up has been removed.
  • The tax field is back on the Review & Submit screen.
  • Customer tags have been aligned on the review & submit step during the order creation.
  • User interface updates have been assured for clickable buttons on the Payment Info screen.
  • If staff notes are added from the Admin account then they no longer show on the Shop account on the Review & Submit screen.

    5. General Product-Related Fixes:

  • The repeated ‘Not Linked’ option in the QuickBooks link drop-down has been removed.
  • The scrolling issue on the Bundle product, Modal in Create, edit, reorder, and view order has been fixed.
  • The values will not sum up in decimal when the user adds them via the button in the PO cost field.
  • The exception alert when the U]user tries to delete a product or delete all products has been removed.
  • The product details screen has been rearranged for a better interface.

    6. Dashboard Adjustments:

  • The status size has been adjusted in the OrderCircle cards.
  • The referral cards can now be seen on the dashboard.

    7. Store Settings:

  • Text and other interface updates have been made on the store settings screen.
  • The Enable Commission Calculations setting has been changed from a toggle button to a radio button.

    8. Staff & Staff Commission Updates

  • Order statues are now showing on the commission list screen even when the staff is admin.
  • The exception alert when the user clicks on the owner’s name hyperlink from the staff commissions info has been removed.

    9.Customer Tab Improvements:

  • The Edit Customer Button has been shifted outside the action drop-down.
  • Overall interface improvements for the customer details screen.
  • The “No Product” alert if an existing user is not found in the default product collection has been fixed.

    10. Miscellaneous Bugs Fixed:

  • The error alert of incorrect username & password when a user clicks on the Login button has been eliminated.
  • Issues regarding the value of the default rate being greater than zero when the tax rate override is OFF have been updated. 
  • The login button is functional again on the staging admin portal login screen.
  • Spacing issues in the inventory hand report have been adjusted.
  • The disconnect button is available in red color in the Disconnect pop-up of QuickBooks.

That’s it for the new updates for a new month in the new year. We keep improving because of your valuable feedback. We implore you to take out a few minutes and drop your thoughts on the latest updates, any challenges, and more. Your prompt opinions help us keep the wheels running.