Introducing WooCommerce Integration: Sell Smarter on OrderCircle

WooCommerce Integration

Expanding your small business is one of the most crucial aspects of growth today. There are so many platforms and opportunities that keeping up with each one of them can become difficult. Having a store on multiple platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and other online marketplaces is a great way to reach out to your customers, but can also create problems in managing your products and keeping track of your operations.

In this blog, we will explore how OrderCircle’s newest WooCommerce integration can help you out in managing your online store with reduced chances of errors or delays. However, first, let’s take a quick look at what the WooCommerce store is all about:

Get Your Online Store Afoot With WooCommerce

WooCommerce blends WordPress’s flexibility with all the eCommerce functionality a website shop might possibly require. You may customize your online store using every WordPress feature while still including crucial elements for selling like checkout, product pages, and shipping managers. In short, it is a platform that allows you to sell the way you want.

If you have been considering selling from WooCommerce, it is a smart decision. However, before diving into the venture, make sure you have a solid plan to back up your order management operations. 

Presenting WooCommerce Order Management On OrderCircle

Once you set shop at WooCommerce, you’re ready to start selling. But, can you imagine having to update products manually every now and then? Have you wondered what happens if you lose track of your inventory? To eliminate such hassles, Ordercircle has added WooCommerce to its existing sales channel list. 

WooCommerce users can now instantly sync their WooCommerce store with OrderCircle to automate inventory and order chores. Best of all WooCommerce is super affordable and OrderCircle requires only a basic monthly subscription fee.

What To Expect From The Integration?

WooCommerce retailers have not one but at least five reasons to gain from this integration:

Centralized System For Selling

Whether you are just a WooCommerce retailer, or manage your store from multiple sales channels, with OrderCircle, you get the chance to centralize your operations. So, with WooCommerce integration, all you need to do is activate the channel on your OrderCircle account and connect with us and see the magic of auto sync of your WooCommerce inventory and others. We take care of the rest. Most of the operations and order management on your WooCommerce Store get automated and you get real-time updates or your OrderCircle app itself! Easy, right?

Sync Your Orders From Other Channels

Managing orders separately for different sales channels is a task you don’t even want to try in this era of automation. With OrderCircle’s Quickbooks integration, you can sync orders coming to your WooCommerce store from every direction. This makes your order management system much more efficient and organized, eliminating the risk of even slight errors. Once your orders are synced:

  • You can track your inventory better.
  • Fulfill them easily, knowing all details at a centralized destination.
  • Avoid mistakes and mixups. 

Improved Shipping Solutions

Manage your WooCommerce shipping and tracking. Instead of dispatching your orders from the sales channel, you can get a better insight into tracking and shipping your products. With OrderCircle, you can add multiple shipping addresses for your WooCommerce store orders and keep tabs on shipment costs. Additionally, OrderCircle automatically syncs tracking numbers for your customers to view the status of their orders.

Automation In Inventory Management

Tracking inventory on a separate tool and managing orders and shipments separately are a thing of the past. Get supreme automation options and advanced inventory tracking by integrating your WooCommerce store with OrderCircle. As you get ordered on your online store, they automatically reflect on your OrderCircle dashboard and get cataloged on your inventory as well. This means:

  • You never need to make an error about product availability.
  • Restock your inventory on time.
  • Build better and more transparent relationships with your customers.

Overall Improvement With Insightful Analytics

OrderCircle generates performance and customer-behavior-based reports for your WooCommerce store at regular intervals. This gives you insights into how the store is performing, which products are selling well, and where the customer is spending most of their time and money. Based on such detailed analysis, you can strategize your plans and products accordingly and earn considerably better profits. You can also use such insights for improving your team’s performance and revise task distribution.

Get Started Today

Now that you know how your WooCommerce business will be managed, what are you waiting for? Get started with your online e-commerce business today and manage your orders smoothly with OrderCircle. If the child is being naughty, the teachers let you know. The teacher makes sure students behave well with one strict glance. 

If you’re ready to give your E-commerce business the next good edge, book a free trial today. Once you test the app, we’re sure there’s no turning back!