Importance of Multi-Lingual Support for B2B E-commerce Brands

National boundaries are hardly a barrier today, especially considering how actively the whole world has made the internet their literal home. We are living in the digital era and it is quite obvious that if you are out on the web to sell, you are going global. Some of your best clients might not even be a part of your country. And, to reach this particular segment, you need to ensure that they get attracted to the best experience on your e-commerce portal. 

Important Reminder When You Sell To The World

As a B2B e-commerce seller, it is important to remember that ultimately, it is a person who will be surfing your website and not an inanimate company. Being your storefront, the website should not only be attractive but also user-friendly. Did you know that nearly 88% of people are not likely to return to your website based on a bad experience? Thus, as you reach out to a global audience, language can play a crucial role in assuring a smooth user experience. Imagine it yourself, as a customer, would you rather buy from a website that sells products in English (your mother tongue) or Spanish (a language you don’t understand)? The prior, right?

Read on to find out why it is important to offer multi-lingual support for your B2B e-commerce store.

  • Get the Competitive Edge

Now, offering multi-lingual support can be tricky. Several companies simply offer services in not more than two to three languages. However, this often doesn’t meet the native language of various people. You can be different from the crowd by ensuring the languages of the clients your product is likely to attract. This is especially beneficial for businesses operating in nations where multiple languages are spoken, such as the United States. Consider increasing your service offering instead of offering support in one or two languages to start standing out and attracting new consumers.

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  • Business Expansion & Upselling Opportunities

Once you have the bandwidth to offer your services in various languages, business expansion is on the books. As you cater to a global market, you get clients in different countries which will help you take your business beyond geographical boundaries. And the more people trust you, the more opportunities you get to upsell extra services like warranty, tech support, etc. These services are highly lucrative for e-commerce businesses and add to the greater business revenue, helping the business grow in all aspects and directions.

  • Look Global, Speak Local

With swift backend translation facilities, gaining the trust of your customers gets easier. With this support, you can also aim to improve on global standards like better SEO. This involves having your entire website, including metadata, translated. It also necessitates the use of distinct URLs with language-specific subdomains or subdirectories. After all of this, your website will be designed in such a way that search engine bots can simply analyse it, giving you a higher rating on the result pages. 

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  • Show your Customer-centric Side

By offering services in the language of your customer, you show that you will go that extra mile to give them a priority in terms of service. A multilingual website is at the heart of this customer-centric approach, as the degree of personalization a business can provide becomes an increasingly significant aspect in securing clients and sales. If you can deliver high-quality content in your visitors’ native language, they’ll feel recognised and appreciated, especially if this isn’t the norm among your competition. This sense of belonging and gratitude will eventually transfer into enhanced commercial success.

¡Empezar Ahora!
Translation: Get Started Now!

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