How Personalization Is Changing The Face Of B2B eCommerce

Personalization in B2B E-Commerce

eCommerce has always benefited from personalization. Personalization used to exist in the form of an in-store assistant and a sales representative who would develop a relationship with the customer over time and learn about their needs, pain points, and preferred methods of doing business. Digital technology advancements have drastically reduced the time required to understand each unique client and give a personalised commerce experience.

With this advancement in technology, the notion that flashy features and beautiful websites are only appropriate for business-to-consumer (B2C) models, while B2B should concentrate on the essential choices and profession tones has changed. Personalization can contribute to 15% increase in profits. Hence, if you are not personalizing customer experiences for your B2B business, you’re missing out on something big!

How Is Personalization Creating The Change?

With personalization, each consumer receives a distinctive experience, such as hyper-relevant product recommendations, deals, and content. Here are simple ways in which you can leverage personalization in the B2B world:

Reduces The Purchase Cycle

At the core of personalization lies a deep understanding of your target audience, their needs and wants, and their buying behaviors. This gives insights into what you should improve in your product or communication. Personalized recommendations and experiences take you towards a definite buying cycle with more surety and less back-and-forth. You offer what the business wants, the customer feels sure about the product because of personalized recommendations, and trust is built. So, expect lesser chances of returns and exchanges as well, which brings us to the next point:

Fewer Return Rates

Returns are not just a common problem in B2C businesses. B2B companies oftentimes suffer from this constant because of unfamiliarity between brands and customers. Approximately 10% of the merchandise was returned to retailers in 2020, a staggering amount. Such return rates set back businesses several steps behind where they started. Enter, personalization. It changes the whole landscape as personalization plays a pivotal rate in creating trust and connectivity between the two engaging parties. Additionally, your B2B business is not just a corporate entity, thanks to personalization. It gets a humanized look and feels which always works well with customers.

Leveraging Technology For Customer Experiences

Personalization is embedded in creating experiences wherever people are. Hence from the notifications, you send to your customers’ mobiles to the other technical leverages such as Gucci’s AI fitting rooms, brands use technology to come one step closer to their customers. As B2B businesses, you can enable personalization but uses local languages, offering shipments faster and even making buying experiences more interactive using better website graphics.

Better Customer Understanding

As we’ve iterated above, customer understanding is at the heart of personalization. If you can get it right, you’ve already done seventy percent of the job. Consider this situation, if you offer American payment options to a customer in Spain, they will face issues with currency, and sometimes, there might be issues with taxes and compliances. Thus, it is important to understand the customer thoroughly and create products that match these expectations.

Widens Your Reach

Considering the same example from the point above, if your business offers Spanish currency and assures them of all brand compliances, you can build a good customer relationship with them. In a similar way, leveraging technology and personalization, you get a chance to reach more customers and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

How Can You Personalize Order Management?

As a B2B retail eCommerce company, order management personalization can help you create accurate and great customer experiences. It is one of the key ways to transform the way you sell into something more unique and accurate. Here are some ways in which you can personalize order management:

Offer Integrations and Tools: When you’re offering a product or service, make sure you offer your customers the necessary tools and integrations that can make life easier for them. For example, you can ensure integration with tools like Airtable for SaaS products. Among integrations, payment options are always a great idea. It gives people, the flexibility to pay without hesitation and ensures faster checkouts.

Cater to specific industries: B2B companies can have a range of offerings, or a product/service that caters to people from different industries. An industry-wise personalization goes a long way in helping customers understand your product better. For example, a computer has different uses for a cafe owner in comparison to someone who manages an IT company. Try to cater to their benefits during your communication to truly ensure a sale.

Take the Glocal Approach: For being a good global company, you be able to touch the pulse of your customers, locally. Talk to them in their language, offer region-specific services and delivery options, make payments easier with currency options and more. Once businesses feel comfortable with your brand, there is no stopping from customer loyalty.

Analyze and Act: Personalization, for order fulfiment, must be based on thorough analysis. How long did it take a product to deliver, which ones are bought the most, how is a product performing, which customer has what buying patterns? These questions can be answered easily by employing an order management software like OrderCircle. These insights then help you plan your next steps more efficiently, instead of just sailing in the dark.

Personalization Awaits You At OrderCircle

If you’re ready to add the personalization touch to your business and humanize your operations, OrderCircle is here to help. We help businesses manage their orders, inventories, shipment and more. However, beyond order management, OrderCircle creates experiences that your customer will enjoy. You get convenience with the tap of a few options. If you are ready for this journey, book your very own demo call today.

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