5 Ways to Improve your B2B Business using QuickBooks Order Management

Successful supply chains for both large and small businesses equally often include B2B order management and fulfillment. With so many communication tools at their disposal in the 21st century, it’s understandable that companies face an increasing number of communication and transactional challenges, particularly when it comes to business online ordering systems.

The link between management programs will change as businesses continue to shift offline consumers online. Data entry is laborious because it requires using multiple software applications, and switching between them to update information is frustrating. To help automate the sales process and provide a great user experience to their customers, businesses are looking to combine their financial software, such as QuickBooks integration, with inventory tracking software and order management apps.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways in which you can improve your business with the QuickBooks eCommerce order management

  • Real-time inventory control

B2B e-commerce companies must manage their inventory just like traditional brick-and-store companies do. You don’t want to turn away customers because of products that are out of stock. It’s crucial to keep an eye on your inventory levels so you can prepare for upcoming orders before you run out of supply. 

The solution is to have an order control system that works with your QuickBooks eCommerce inventory. Your QuickBooks files are continuously updated as product orders come in from clients. Customers who are ready to buy your goods online benefit from seeing real-time stock levels.  In order to prevent them from learning after their shipment has left the warehouse, you can also indicate when a product is out of supply before they place their order. 

  • End-to-end Order Management

The order management system is one of the most crucial and difficult tools for a B2B company. Automation of the data entry process through an OMS like OrderCircle and QuickBooks integration saves company owners time and streamlines multiple job tasks. Customers require a method for browsing goods, placing orders, and following up on deliveries. Customer satisfaction will be higher following a transaction if the customer has a superior overall experience.

More benefits that come with an OMS like OrderCircle are:

  • Business owners can track orders, monitor previous client orders, and customize order forms, which speeds up service and lowers human error.   
  • It offers freedom and adaptability.  Sales representatives can verify sales orders, reply to customers, and keep track of inventory levels using smartphones or tablets. 
  • Customers can enquire about new products, and make purchases online from their mobile devices whether at work, on vacation, or shopping after business hours. Customers can monitor an item with OMS on their mobile device and learn their shipment’s location and delivery time.
  • Managing the Finances

When entering data into financial software, most companies experience some sort of hiccups. However, there is a better method to reduce errors. With order entry software such as the QuickBooks integration, you can save time and cut down on mistakes.

Sales representatives can complete multiple tasks with fewer steps thanks to order management, inventory control, and financial management integration because data is automatically saved in QuickBooks eCommerce integration without data entry. Budget analysis, expenditure tracking, financial report generation, and inventory tracking are some useful advantages of financial management. 

  • Leverage Data and Analytics

Internal information must be shared in real time because there are numerous salespeople using a variety of sales channels. One batch of stock being promised to two customers is the last thing you want to happen! Real-time access to the most recent stock levels is crucial when working with wholesale customers because it entails handling much larger volumes. This is especially true if the customer decides to place an order days or weeks after their previous interaction with a salesperson.

Using B2B eCommerce QuickBooks online integration to automate internal communications based on data and analytics improves the speed and accuracy of doing business.

  • Customizable Customer Experiences

The impression of personal touch cannot be replaced by many things. Repeat business is the lifeblood of any prosperous company, and knowing that your business partner is establishing a relationship with you rather than concentrating on a quick transaction can guarantee this.

Salespeople will be able to personalize the order fulfillment process for each individual client thanks to an advanced online ordering system like OrderCircle with the QuickBooks eCommerce integration. For example, setting preemptive discounts will enable the customer to see the price they can anticipate paying at the time of purchase.

B2B eCommerce QuickBooks Online Integration meets OrderCircle

Among all other aspects, OrderCircle leverages the most important feature of the QuickBooks eCommerce integration, that is, keeping your accounting up-to-date. Along with automated invoice generation, the QuickBooks integration allows easy syncing of your customers and items to your OrderCircle account. Not to forget, you get relevant tax support and automation in invoices too.

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