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Save Time And Money By Upgrading Your Business To The Cloud

With OrderCircle, you’re better organized, get more repeat business and save money by moving from phone and email to the cloud.

Your retailers are expecting to place their orders online so give them the modern eCommerce experience they expect.


Modern Business Aren’t Using Paper, Phone and Fax for Wholesale

Stay up to date on the status of your wholesale business with our modern dashboard Knowing your revenue numbers and order volume allows you to know if you’re hitting your goals Maintain your brand identity with a custom domain which allows you and your customers to log in at wholesale.

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Let Your Customers View Your Catalog and Place Their Own Orders

There’s no need to chase down every customer when it’s time to reorder.

With our self service portal, your approved customers can log in and reorder with 2 clicks

Watch your business grow as customers keep coming back and reordering.

Our Mission

Built For Wholesale From Ground Up

Our Mission

Provide each customer with separate pricing, different payment terms, individual shipping channels and customized item catalogs.

Generate invoices, print packing slips, and send automatic email notifications to keep your customers up to date

Satisfied Customers are 65% More Likely to Re-Order

Nurture your customer relationships to keep them happy and coming back. Easily track all of your customers and learn their order habits with our built in customer management tool.

Keep your wholesale prices confidential – only approved customers can log in and place orders.

Our Mission

Sales Reps Can Still Play a Huge Role in B2B

Our Mission

Each sales rep gets their own user account with no extra fee per account! Create orders on behalf of your customers when they call in as you transition your customers to the self service portal

Assign a rep to each customer and we’ll calculate their commission due each month

All The Features Your Customers Expect
When Ordering Online

Shouldn’t it be as easy to order from you as it is from Amazon?



Calling and faxing in orders will be a thing of the past for your wholesale customers. With OrderCircle they can log in themselves and place orders instantly.

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Your customers can leave a credit card on file, and OrderCircle will automatically charge it either upfront or when their order ships.


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Order Circle automatically generates PDF invoices for every order placed by your customers.


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Your customers have their personal online portal to track and find out the status of every order they have placed.

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A built-in “Reorder these items” feature allows your customers to easily restock the items they regularly order.

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Never sell anything you don’t have – track inventory and automatically inform buyers upfront if something has a longer lead time.

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Benefits of Choosing Order Circle


OrderCircle Users and Their Customers Love It!

My wholesale customers used to have to call or email with orders, and I would send them back an invoice I made in Excel. Now I just watch the orders roll in and take action on any that need special attention. OrderCircle saves me a ton of time.
Bill D'Alessandro / NurtureMyBody
I order from Bill's company twice a month, and I used to have to call each time. Now I place orders myself online, and OrderCircle remembers my usual order, shipping address, and payment terms. Then I get a tracking number automatically. It's awesome.
Joe / Essence Salon and Spa

Watch A Short Video to See how OrderCircle Can Help!

OrderCircle is a complete solution package for your inventory management process. Watch the free demo video to see how OrderCircle provides automated solutions for your eCommerce Stores.

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