Built for wholesale from the ground up

Provide each customer with separate pricing, different payment terms, individual shipping channels and customized item catalogs

Generate invoices, print packing slips, and send automatic email notifications to keep your customers up to date

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Let your customers view your catalog and place their own orders

There’s no need to chase down every customer when it’s time to reorder

With our self service portal, your approved customers can log in and reorder with 2 clicks

Watch your business grow as customers keep coming back and reordering

Modern businesses aren’t using paper, phone, and fax for wholesale

Stay up to date on the status of your wholesale business with our modern dashboard

Knowing your revenue numbers and order volume allows you to know if you’re hitting your goals

Maintain your brand identity with a custom domain which allows you and your customers to log in at wholesale.[yourdomain].com

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Satisfied customers are 65% more likely to reorder

Nurture your customer relationships to keep them happy and coming back

Easily track all of your customers and learn their order habits with our built in customer management tool

Keep your wholesale prices confidential – only approved customers can log in and place orders

Sales reps can still play a huge role in B2B

Each sales rep gets their own user account with no extra fee per account!

Create orders on behalf of your customers when they call in as you transition your customers to the self service portal

Assign a rep to each customer and we’ll calculate their commission due each month


Let us contact you back to get your questions answered.

Accept and track payments online

Use our built-in credit card processing to have your funds get deposited directly in your bank account

Easily record check payments and wire transfers by adding a manual payment for individual orders

Reuse your existing payments infrastructure with our integrations with Authorize.net, QuickBooks Payments, and PayPal Payflow Pro

Integrated with all your existing tools

Keep your accounting up to date with QuickBooks

Use ShipStation to track and manage your shipping

Import your existing Shopify store and keep your inventory levels in sync

ShipWire manages your warehouse stock and automatically fulfills orders for you

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