Automatic Invoice Creation

OrderCircle automatically creates an invoice for you when an order receives approval.

The invoice sends off easily to the customer, the items, and all the costs associated with the order.

Customer and Item Linking

Link your QuickBooks items and customers with your items and customers in OrderCircle.

choose to link each item individually or just use a generic line like “Sales” for all your items.

Automated Purchase Invoices

OrderCircle supports purchase orders that will go live into QuickBooks.

This helps to ensure that customer, supplier information will not need re-entering, and all the transaction journals will balance without you worrying about it.

Tax Support

If you track taxes in QuickBooks, OrderCircle will automatically calculate the total tax payment for each order and add it to the invoice.

This way, you will not have to worry about outstanding payments or stress about the payments you need to make.


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QuickBooks Payments Synchronization

If you use QuickBooks Payments, the payment data will automatically synchronize back to OrderCircle for each order.

The order will be marked as paid and the invoice will then update to reflect the payment you make.

With QuickBooks Integration, online accounting is a lot easier. Keep track of the money you spend, record your sales and more with a well-organized system.

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