Item Catalog

Since different countries have, different displays prices, through OrderCircle, you can view and accept payments in the currency of your choice.

Choose from the different currency options and organize your store sales.

Weight Units

You can also organize your sales and use pounds, kilograms, or stones for your item weights and shipping weight.

At a glance, this will help you to keep a track on the quantity you are shipping out and the price range for them.

Customer Details

Regardless of your country, OrderCircle allows you to sort out customer details.

You can sort their name, location, and the types of products they order and organize them based on the category they choose to buy from your store..

Stock Adjustments

You can also use OrderCircle to set the pricing details.

At a glance for each product, view the category, units per pack, shipping weight, minimum purchase quantity, wholesale price, and the price per unit


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Tax Support

Customize your tax rates by setting a storewide tax rate, or set a different tax rate for each customer.

We support tax code synchronization through QuickBooks.

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