Let Order Circle Manage Your Apparel Inventory

With Order Circle, save money and time managing your apparel business’s POS and inventory. Order Circle provides apparel wholesalers and retailers with the best inventory management, B2B e-commerce, and POS all in one centralized solution. You can keep up with the stock levels in your business, automate integrated processes, and access accurate data easily. Our tool integrates seamlessly with your accounting and website platforms. Allow our tool for Apparel businesses shorten most of the time-consuming daily ordering tasks and let you maximize those profits.

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Accurate Stock Management

Whether you are in wholesale or in retail, managing stock levels is often one of the biggest expenses. Now, you can manage it effectively. Our stock management solution will help you to understand the stock movement and the goods sold. Without overstocking, your apparel business can flourish. You can order stock strategically to keep up with the constant demand of your customers without overstocking. In addition, you no longer have to spend significant time on tracking the inventory because Order Circle will automatically update the stock levels. Upon a purchase, our tool will instantly make the necessary adjustments to your inventory so that you can reflect on accurate numbers.

Bundling Made Easier

Bundling is made easier with Order Circle. Now you can assemble different products on a single platform and you are good to go! You can swiftly set up unlimited products with their variants in the inventory section. For example, you can choose to categorize and differentiate the products in your business by T-Shirt color, material, and the size.


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Eliminate Profit Loss Issues

Order Circle helps to eliminate the problems of profit loss headaches due to reasons like customer theft, employee theft, and ringing up of sales for wrong items without proper records of the sales. In some cases, it is possible to know if your employees or customers are ripping you off only when it’s too late. With proper inventory tracking and constantly updating systems, reflecting the sold items and their locations, you will be able to reduce the risks of shrinkage in your apparel business.

Boost Sales and Marketing Strategies

Now, you can increase your sales and boost the revenue in your apparel wholesale business through the best email marketing, loyalty programs, and upsells with the best options. You can track customer purchases and use it for remarketing opportunities. By our sales reps you can calculate commissions easily. Through a single platform, monitor key performance indicators.

Attract More Customers

With a modern e-commerce solution, you can give your customers the best e-commerce experience. You can tag items based on the manufacturer, product type, material quality, size, and more. This is great because it makes spot-on recommendations for your customers based on their style preference. Customize price lists, add more products and invite more customers to order in bulk online. A personalized solution always attracts greater sales and more customers.

Order Circle can help your fashion wholesale business solve its inventory management needs to ensure business success. Contact us for further information.

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