Shipment Creation

OrderCircle will automatically create a shipment for you in ShipStation when you approve an order in OrderCircle.

With ShipStation integration, eCommerce shipping is a lot easier, and your business will be up and running in minutes with no insanity and installation involved.

Through ShipStation integration with OrderCircle, you will be able to do all of these and more:

  • Create shipping labels with over 30 plus carriers
  • Import all your orders from selling channels into a single platform
  • Take advantage of some shipping discounts
  • Synchronize the tracking details and order status with your marketplaces and store
  • Manage all the orders and view the analytic reports from anywhere
  • Promote your store on email notifications, shipping documentation and a lot more
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Sync Shipments Back To OrderCircle

When you ship the order through ShipStation, we’ll automatically pull that information back to OrderCircle.

Your customers will be able to see the shipment status along with the tracking number, and we’ll add this information to their invoices and email notifications.

Integration with ShipStation gives your business a number of benefits. Try it today!

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