Import Your Products From Shopify

Save time by importing your existing products from your Shopify store. Once the products import, you can edit properties that are specific to wholesale, like price tiers, shipping weight, MOQ, and minimum order quantity.

Inventory Synchronization

OrderCircle will keep your inventory in sync with Shopify. If an item purchase takes place from your OrderCircle store, we’ll deduct that quantity from Shopify, and vice-versa.

Automatic Shipping Updates

After the shipping creation, we transfer the tracking number, carrier, and the shipment status back to Shopify and your customer.

Product Information

You can view product details including weight, SKU, and the images import with the order so can access all the details of the products from a single platform.


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Order Syncing

You can synchronize orders from Shopify and from wherever you feel you can sell with just a click of a button.

Complete the data of the order, including products, recipient address, cart notes and more import with the order.

Shopify integration with OrderCircle allows you to keep up with all your orders. With seamless integration options, B2B wholesale is a lot easier.

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