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Store Dashboard

Now, keeping up to date with your store performance is an easy task

Through OrderCircle, you can get a quick high-level view of your store performance so you always know how much you are selling

Sales Staff Performance

Regardless of the number of sales staff, you have, now you can keep track on your staff sales to their assigned customers and use OrderCircle to calculate their monthly commissions

With simplified sorting options in this tool, it will ensure that you have an accurate result of the commission

Customer Analytics

Know how much you are selling to each customer and which items are being sold

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Dashboard Overview

Through OrderCircle’s dashboard overview, it shows key sales, online data of store visitor, and key sales

Now, at a glance, you can see how your store is performing across various channels, and for any range of data

The dashboard at a glance shows the most valuable data that give insight into your store’s performance and the behavior of your customers

You can view graphs where appropriate and the keep up with accurate data from the range

Store Traffic

OrderCircle will allow you to view the traffic of customers that come to your store

You can view the traffic at a glance and keep up to date with the record of items they purchase from you

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