Accept B2B Orders Online

Eliminate the need for phone calls, emails, and fax by letting your wholesale customers place orders online

Item Catalogs

Let your customers see your product list, including any items exclusive to wholesale customers. You can curate your lists to show certain items to certain customers, or even hide some items from special customers.

Customer Accounts

Create separate accounts for each wholesale customer. You must approve each customer, so you only do business with the retailers that you trust.

Self Service Order Tracking

Allow your customer to manage and track their orders have they have been placed. They will have the ability to:

  • Track shipments
  • Make payments
  • View invoices
  • View their order history

1 Click Reordering

For customers that order the same items, recreate an order with 1 click. This will save you and your customer valuable time every week.

Manage Your Wholesale Order In One Place

OrderCircle keeps track of all your orders so you always know the status of your business

Order Workflow

Orders can be in different states depending on which stage of the workflow they are in:

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Partially Shipped
  • Fully Shipped
  • Paid

Realtime Notifications

Customize notifications for you and your customers so you can get emails when an order:

  • Gets created
  • Is approved
  • Gets shipped
  • Payment is recorded

Order Reporting

Export a detailed, customizable report of your orders so you can track the performance of your sales reps and see which items are getting sold.

Item and Inventory Management

Keep your item catalog organized with OrderCircle so you and your customers always know which items are available in real time

Item Catalog

Don’t mess around with paper and PDF line sheets anymore. Upload your items to OrderCircle and let your customers browse your updated catalog online.

Inventory Management

With OrderCircle you can keep track of your available inventory for every SKU. Inventory will be deducted in real time as orders are created. If you use Shopify, we’ll keep your inventory in sync with your Shopify store.

Catalog Visibility Controls

If you have special items that are only availble to certain customers, you can choose which items you want to show/hide for every single customers. You can also create special lists like “Summer Specials” or “Best Selling Items”.

Bulk Upload

Don’t spend time creating every single item individually. You can import your current linesheet and create all your items in seconds. Or import all your items from your Shopify store instantly.

Customer Management

Create a separate customer account for each wholesale customer and allow only trusted retailers to purchase from you

Track Customer Behavior

OrderCircle tells you which items each customer is purchasing and how much revenue you’re getting from each customer. You’ll be able to predict when customers need to reorder and reach out to them proactively.

Real-time notifications for your customers

You can configure OrderCircle to notify your customers whenever their order status changes. Don’t waste time answering inquiries about when the order is getting shipped and if a payment is still needed.

Bulk Upload

Save time by uploading your customers in minutes. We would be glad to assist you if you need help.

Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses

Save time by storing all your customers shipping and billing addresses under one account.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

Create as many staff accounts as you want for no extra charge. Assign sales reps to your customers and track commissions.

Place Orders On Behalf Of Customers

For customers that don’t want to login and place orders online, your sales staff can create orders for them. The customer will still receive notifications and invoices if they want.

Unique Logins

Create separate user accounts for each member of your staff. We don’t charge extra for each account, so you can create as many accounts as you need.

Commission Tracking

Configure separate commission rates for each sales rep and we’ll track the commission earned by each rep.

Permission Management

Limit the access of each sales rep by specifying if they are allowed to create orders, customers, items. You can also configure OrderCircle to only allow sales reps to see and interact with customers assigned to them.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online

Use our built-in payment processor to accept all major credit card payments

Set Different Payment Terms For Each Customer

With OrderCircle you have the option of configuring payment terms for each customer individually. We understand that some wholesale customers need to pay 100% upfront while others may get net 30 day terms. You charge their card automatically when payment is due, or charge their card manually when you’re ready. You can even let the customer pay when they’re ready, whether that’s the day the order was placed or a month later.

Record Manual Payments

For customers that pay by check or COD, you can record a manual payment for each order. This helps you keep all your payment records in once place so your accounting stays organized and up to date at all times.

3rd Party Payment Processing Integrations

We also integrate with established payment processors if you have an existing relationship you want to maintain. We currently have, PayPayl Payflow Pro, and Stripe.

Request A Wholesale Account Form

New customers can apply for wholesale accounts directly on your website

Form Customization

Customize the form by adding fields for any information you need from potential customers.

Approve or Deny Requests

You control who can log in and start placing orders. As wholesaler, you want to make sure only legitimate retailers have access to your discounted wholesale prices. When a request comes in you evaluate the business to make sure they are someone you want to do business with you. If you approve the request, their account is automatically created and they can start placing orders right away.

Ability To Hide The Request Form

If you already have enough customers, or you aren’t ready to expand, you can hide the request form so you aren’t spammed with unwanted inquiries.

Wholesale Terms

B2B commerce plays by different rules from B2C

Price Tiers And Price Lists

Assign special prices for each customer individually or for groups of customers. Set a retail price for each item, then specify if a customer gets a percentage discount or a fixed discount. You can override the price for each individual item as needed.

Payment Terms

B2B customers can get different payment terms that aren’t available to consumers. Specify a customer gets net 30-day terms or if payment is due on the day of the order and anything in between.

Store Credit

Reward loyal customers with store credit that automatically gets applied to subsequent orders.


Automatically generate order invoices, packing slips, and pick lists.

Beautiful PDF Invoices

Automatically generate and send PDF invoices to your customers when an order is approved.

Packing Slips For Shipments

Eliminate confusion by including a printed packing slip with each order. Your customer will know exactly which items were included and if any items are arriving in a separate shipment.

Pick Lists For Your Warehouse

Make your warehouse manager’s life easier by providing a pick list for the day’s orders. Pick lists show all the items that need to go out so you know what to grab from your shelves by looking at a single page.

Customer Branding

Your online store will appear professionally made specifically for your brand.

Custom Domain (URL)

Use your existing domain to host your new wholesale store. Most brands use wholesale.[your_brand].com, but you can use any URL you want.

White Label

Your customers won’t see any references to OrderCircle on their website. It will look like you personally created the store specially for your customers.


Stay up to date on the metrics that are important to your business

Store Dashboard

Get a quick high level view of your store performance so you always know how much you are selling.

Sales Staff Performance

Track your sales staff sales to their assigned customers and use OrderCircle to calculate their monthly commissions

Customer Analytics

Know how much you are selling to each customer and which items are being sold.

Shipment Tracking

Shipping features built for wholesale ordering

Order Tracking

You and your customers can track the status of their order at any time. Use ShipStation to automatically sync tracking numbers or input tracking numbers manually for your customers.

Fill In Shipping Costs Later

With large orders you don’t always know your shipping costs when the order is placed. With OrderCircle you can create orders with TBD shipping costs and fill in the cost later.

Multiple Shipping Addresses

Save an unlimited number of shipping addresses for each customer. Select the correct address when the order is created.


Customize your store for the country your are selling in

International Currencies

Display prices and accept payments in the currency of your choice.

Weight Units

Use pounds, kilograms, or stones for your item weights and shipping weight.

Tax Support

Customize your tax rates by setting a store wide tax rate, or set a different tax rate for each customer. We support tax code synchronization through QuickBooks.

Shopify Integration

Keep your products and inventory in sync with your Shopify store

Import Your Products From Shopify

Save time by importing your existing products from your Shopify store. Once the products are imported you can edit properties that are specific to wholesale, like price tiers, shipping weight, MOQ, and minimum order quantity.

Inventory Synchronization

OrderCircle will keep your inventory in sync with Shopify. If an item gets purchased from your OrderCircle store, we’ll deduct that quantity from Shopify, and vice-versa.

Shipstation Integration

Use Shipstation to automatically sync your shipment tracking with your order management

Shipment Creation

OrderCircle will automatically create a shipment for you in Shipstation when you approve an order in OrderCircle.

Sync Shipments Back To OrderCircle

When you ship the order through Shipstation, we’ll automatically pull that information back to OrderCircle. Your customers will be able to see the shipment status along with the tracking number, and we’ll add this information to their invoices and email notifications.

QuickBooks Integration

Use QuickBooks with OrderCircle to keep your accounting organized and up to date

Automatic Invoice Creation

OrderCircle automatically creates an invoice for you when an order is approved. The invoice is automatically populated with the customer, the items, and all the costs associated with the order.

Customer and Item Linking

Link your QuickBooks items and customers with your items and customers in OrderCircle. You can choose to link each item individually or just use a generic line like “Sales” for all your items.

Tax Support

If you track taxes in QuickBooks, OrderCircle will automatically calculate the total tax payment for each order and add it to the invoice.

Quickbooks Payments Synchronization

If you use QuickBooks Payments, the payment data will automatically sync back to OrderCircle for each order. The order will get marked as paid and the invoice will be updated to reflect the payment.